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(The birth of Angelfish & Goodbye Mr MacKenzie MK2)

How did Angelfish start?

Martin Metcalfe

"We'd made three major label LPs & Shirley hadn't sang a lead vocal on any of them. Shirley had originally been one of two backing singers.
This position had been retained even when Hillary McClean left the band. So Shirley & I were talking about her role in the band. She didn't particularily want to be a lead vocalist but it was getting a bit silly her just piping in at the choruses of songs and adding bits of colour here and there. So we made a desicion. The next Mackenzies LP would feature her singing lead vocals on at least 4 out of the 12 or so songs we would record. The idea was to make a record along the lines of the 'Velvet Underground & Nico' LP. So in the autumn of 1991 we began to workon our next record.

We moved all my recording equipment from my home in Forest Road Edinburgh to a cottage in the near North of Scotland.

The cottage was situated on Lucklaw Hill near St Andrews".

The cottage was our tour manager's. Mark used it over the years as a kind of retreat from therock madness. He kept motorbike's and other machine parts there. The cottage had a hob for coocking and a old TV. I can't remember if it had a shower or bath (it must have had-maybe I didn't bother with those details in the latter part of the madness that was 1991.
I think he'd be the first to admit that in those days the place was a bit of a gang hut. The sort of place Motorhead would have been happy to live. I lived there for 2 months making occasional train journeys back to Edinburgh for meetings & the occasional party.






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